Понеділок, грудня 11, 2023
XVIIІ International Summer School for young scientists
«Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedicine»

The Conference for young scientists
“Modern problems of Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedicine”

In the frame of the Summer School on June 29-30 will the Conference for young scientists “Modern problems of Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedicine” be held. The materials will be published according to the results of the conference.

Young scientists, PhD students and master students are welcome to apply for the International Summer School.

Online platform — Zoom. Conference language — English.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation and articles is until June 15. Based on the results of the conference, a collection of conference materials will be published. The best works will be recommended for publication in the scientific journal «Microbiology and Biotechnology».

The conference fee (150 UAH or 15 Euro) to cover the costs of publishing the collection of conference materials must be paid by June 15. Bank details for payment of the conference fee are provided below, and you can also see it on the conference website: http://biosummerschool.onu.edu.ua .

To participate in the Conference you must fill out the registration form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScIuLXjkoKvKNVxvfFG793OT3Q7NFOu5Hp6C-qBaSsa305wtA/viewform?usp=pp_url .
Materials for the conference collection and articles should be sent to the e-mail: bio.summerschool@onu.edu.ua in *.doc or *.docx format.


Requirements for conference materials

Articles must be written in English, in *.doc  or *.docx format. Font Times New Roman, size 14, automatic spacing, no more than 30 lines per page, margins 2 cm.

The name of the file must contain the last name of the first author.

Structure of the article: UDC index, authors' surnames and first names (the speaker's surname must be underlined), article’s name, official name of the organisation, postal address, e-mail, resume (no more than 200 words), keywords (no more than five). The text of the article should include the following parts: introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and a list of references. Latin names of biological species and genera should be italicized. References are given in square brackets. Drawings must be created in a graphic editor in Word, TIF, JPG formats.
Do not use any changes in case, font, text format and underlining. The organizing committee reserves the right to freely edit or refuse to accept articles that are not prepared in accordance with the established rules.

Responsible secretary of
The Conference for young scientists
“Modern problems of Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedicine”
Olena Sashchuk
Sen. researcher, PhD
e-mail: bio.summerschool@onu.edu.ua

Банківські реквізити для сплати у гривні:

Найменування отримувача: Громадська організація «Спілка біологів і біотехнологів Одеси» (ГО «СББО»)

Банк: AT KБ «ПриватБанк»

Код одержувача: 35357166

Рахунок IBAN: UA563052990000026003044902625

МФО 328704

Призначення платежу: «Реєстраційний внесок за участь в конференції "Сучасні проблеми мікробіології та біотехнології». Учасники мають вказати ПІБ.


Location:  Faculty of Biology, Shampansky Lane, 2, Odesa, 65058

    Email:  bio.summerschool@onu.edu.ua